Your Sunday iPod Add: Robin Thicke

Above is your Sunday iPod add. “Love After War” by Robin Thicke.  This is simply an awesome R&B track. Period. Thicke has written a song that sonically honors classic Motown and the writing efforts of Smokey Robinson.  Its relentless up-tempo groove and slick production make this track shine.  Thicke’s contemporaries, Tank, Tyrese, Joe, Carl Thomas, and Genuwine, who all have released albums in the past 10 months, have been put on notice to step up their R&B game.  Just a note: Eric Benét has elevated his game. I’ll blog about him on a later date.

Add “Love After War” to your iPod and you will thank me later.

José James: Your Sunday iPod Add

Returning with a vengeance, here is your new Sunday iPod add “Touch” by the extraordinary vocalist José James. “Touch” has become one of my favorite mid tempo jams to listen to.  The driving groove goes down smooth and easy.  Led by the drum and bass, this cut allows James to vocally float over chord changes with what some call a “romantic baritone” voice.  His voice is unique and defies comparison to other male vocalist on the scene today.  Admittedly inspired by the supreme John Coltrane, James’ music is rooted in Jazz and utilizes elements of Soul and Hip Hop, which displays a certain youthful exuberance to be admired.  If you were wondering where is that new vocalist who makes audience stand up and take notice, wonder no more.  José James is an artist you should know.  Add this song to your iPod as soon as possible.  You will thank me later.

Oh, and note to the romantics reading this: James’ songs are smoking hot!  Some soft light and a little wine can amp up an intimate moment . . . watch out dere now!