SOul Info

How did I come up with the name of this blog?

Well,  after a long agonizing and fruitless struggle thinking of a name for my blog, I invited some friends of mine to handle this burden for me, sort of a division of labor.  Anyway, I just couldn’t do it anymore.  So, through my facebook page, I sent out a request for my friends to come up with a name for my blog and promised I would use one of their submissions.  And they responded! They delivered several cool and interesting names I could have used.  However, there was one that stood out among them all, not by much, but enough to get noticed.  “Just SOul You Know” was it! It had just enough literary wordplay that made it distinct. It also held favor with my wife.  I think with the blog name Just SOul You Know will leave my options open enough to write and muse on anything yet still retain a soulful (African-American) flare.

So, who was it that came up with this blog name?

Atlanta’s own Ed Hightower.  Ed is a good friend of mine I met while in Atlanta working on my Master’s degree in African American Studies. Ed holds a Master’s degree in History and is well versed in the political history of 19th century Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a soon to be published novelist (am I right Ed?).

Thanks, Ed I know you have a million of ’em . . . blog titles that is!

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