Debórah Bond: Your Sunday iPod Add

Here is your new Sunday iPod add “You Are The One” by the lovely Debórah Bond from her latest album Madam Palindrome (which is smokin’ by the way).  This song is well crafted and amazing!  Great video too!  Bond’s voice can be described as fresh and new although, I know I’ve heard it before in an era when music had a certain authenticity in its quality.  It’s familiar and warm.  Her voice contains undertones of jazz stylings while also delivering impressive nuanced Rhythm and Blues (not to be confused with today’s “R&B”).  Bond also exposes her vocal prowess as she executes little “funky” vocal riffs within the music.  In this song, Bond’s band Third Logic create a smooth rolling groove that makes your body move and lures the listener in to catch every tone of the song.  Nice!

If you are looking for/need some good soul music to listen to I suggest adding this song to your iPod and you will thank me later.

For more of Debórah Bond check these out:!/borahbond


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