Gregory Porter: Your Sunday iPod Add 5/13/12

Welcome to the first Sunday iPod add.  This is a weekly* series that I moved from my Facebook page to my blog.  The purpose of the Sunday iPod add is to introduce and/or remind music lovers of what I feel are seldom-heard great music, songs, and artists.  Your Sunday iPod add will center on new under the radar music and artists that I believe have been missed by the general public aka “slept on.”  In the end, I’ll always encourage you to add these songs to your iPod (or whatever device you are using) and in doing so you will graciously thank me later.

So here is your first Sunday iPod add­–Gregory Porter’s “Be Good.” Porter is the real deal.  If you ever wanted to truly know what a soulful voice sounds like then take a listen.  This Grammy nominated and onetime football player headed to the NFL is billed as a jazz singer but, Porter is capable of singing anything he damn well pleases.  The tone of his voice is mesmerizing and perfect in every way.  His lyrics are indeed a breath of fresh air.  He uses music to tell a story with perfect inflection and cadence.  The way it should be done.  You are most likely not going to hear his music on the radio (too bad for radio).  This is good music y’all!  Add this song to your iPod and you will thank me later.

I’m making plans now to see him at the Mint this September.

For more on Gregory Porter:

(* I might miss a week here and there)

Take a listen:

Here is an bonus song to add to your iPod. Hold onto you socks for this one!


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