AAMAM: Don’t Miss This Train or You’ll Be Sorry. Part 9 of 30

The+OJaysPeople all over the world

Join hands

Start a love train, love train. . .

The lyrics to the O’Jays’ song “Love Train” can certainly be counted among the most uplifting lyrics ever written. The song encourages an unbridled love for the fellow man around the world. “Love Train” literally takes the listener on trip around the world to embrace and hold the hand of every nationality.

Released in December 1972 and written by the formidable writing team of Gamble and Huff, “Love Train” stripped away race, culture, ethnicity, and even in some respect class–essentially sending the message that nothing else matters but love in an era of increasing global social and political tension and lingering war. Similar to the images made in the “Hilltop” Coke commercial and song “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing,” the O’Jays song created a sense of hope. In early 1973, “Love Train” ascended to the top of urban and pop charts making it a crossover success.

“Love Train,” today, if piped to the masses every hour would serve every community around the globe well in terms of loving your fellow man.

Love and Happy AAMAM!