AAMAM: Miles Davis’ “So What” Is Perfect! Part 18 of 30

milesOn March 2, 1959, Miles Davis recorded “So What” at Columbia 30th Street Studio in New York, with legendary musicians Paul Chambers (bassist), Bill Evans (Pianist), John Coltrane (tenor saxophonist), Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (alto saxophonist), and Jimmy Cobb (Drummer). “So What” is the best song ever recorded on the best album ever recorded in the history of recording, Kind Of Blue. Kind Of Blue is consistently among the top 10 non debut jazz albums purchased every year since 1960. You have this album, right?!

“So What” is the supreme model for modal chord structure. “So What” is uncanny in that every solo is perfect—every note is in the right place. “So What” changed the sound of jazz for the entire decade of the 60s.

Sit back, turn it up, and listen. Happy AAMAM!


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