AAMAM: Queen Latifah Aint No Bitch! Part 16 of 30

queenBoldly confronting the misogynistic behavior of young men, Queen Latifah’s song “U.N.I.T.Y.”, in no certain terms demanded respect. Through her song, she became the once-and-for-all spokesperson for women weary of abuse, hurtful offensive behavior, violence, objectification, and slander.

Released in January 1994, on Queen Latifah’s Black Reign album, “U.N.I.T.Y.” was a no holds barred statement for respect. Latifah’s first words: “Who you calling a bitch?” set the tone for the song. With those lyrics, she instantly managed to grab the attention of the listener to forewarn them of the lyrical hostility that was about to ensue. She pointed out the maltreatment by men and in the end demanded respect.

Latifah’s delivery or rather her lyrical flow was rhythmic and relentless, which served to further condemn guilty men. It is one thing to be merely told off, but to be told off with lyrical artistry is another thing.

In terms of her video below, Latifah’s gritty facial frown expression created an indelible image of her anger with the careless disrespect made by men.

Queen Latifah won a Grammy award for best solo performance solidifying the collective sentiment of women in the mid 90s.

That’s hip hop for ya—continuously reporting the current pulse to the masses.

Continue to enjoy your AAMAM!


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