AAMAM: Ornette Coleman, RIP! Part 11 of 30

Today the world has lost an extraordinary musician, philosopher, guard, teacher, and man! Today, avant garde saxophonist Ornette Coleman died—may he Rest In Peace and love.

colemanAlways the innovator in musical thought and sonic structure, he pushed the bounds of what defined the jazz genre. In scientific terms, to be so bold, he manifested punctuated equilibrium and performed cladogenesis within the jazz genre. His distinct musical approach was an immediate change from the standard and created new ways for jazz to be or exist.

Coleman led the way for new jazz to come.

His album The Shape Of Jazz To Come set a new bench mark in music. It was well ahead of its time in many respects and was received with confusion and caused sonic discomfort to those unwilling to release their strongly held jazz sensibilities.  Today Coleman’s iconic album is embraced as the go-to standard of study for musicians looking to expand their musical vocabulary.

Have a great avant garde AAMAM (day)

Get a glimpse into Coleman’s forward thinking mind by listening to what set the world on its ass in 1959!


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