AAMAM: The Revolution Will Put You In The Driver’s Seat! Part 5 of 30

gill scottPoet, writer, musician, singer, and activist Gil Scott-Heron really knocked the ball out the park with his re-recording* of the proto-rap/spoken word/song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” on his Pieces Of A Man album in 1971, which features Ron Carter on electric bass, Hubert Laws on flute, and Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdy on drums.  Scott-Heron and his band created an infectious funk grove that resonated with young urban adults.  The proto rap/spoken word/song famously made many pop culture references from TV shows to commercials of the day.  Scott-Heron song addressed American complacency and consumerism as a distraction and from the political corruption that plagued the era. The proto rap/spoken word/song urged its urban listener to pay attention what’s really going on! Tune in and get involved!

* [“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” was first recorded in 1970 on Gil Scott-Heron’s first album Small Talk At 125th And Lennox, where he was accompanied only by Eddie Knowles and Charlie Saunders on congas and bongos]

Happy AAMAM!


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