AAMAM: Stevie Wonder-Spiritual Redemption and Genius Part 3 of 30

stevie20wonderStevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” released on July 31st 1973, is a tale of second chances given by God and the tremendous effort put forth to make the best of that second chance until life is done or you reach that ‘higher ground’.  The song, for Wonder, took on a more spiritual meaning after his near death experience on August 3rd 1973 a few days after the song was released. Wonder was badly injured in a car accident wherein which he lay in a coma for several days.  After he recovered, he believed the song was a sign of what was to come. From that point on Wonder contends he was thankful to be alive and got his act together.

You musicians will revel in this song because Wonder single handedly  wrote, played all the instruments, and recorded this highly intricate and rhythmically dense track in 3 hrs at the tender age of 22! Genius? Yep!

Listen closely to the lyrics then listen again to the music. Be sure to turn it up!

Happy AAMAM!


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