Your Sunday iPod add: Cold Specks

Why aren’t you listening to Cold Specks?  Hello! She’s only a click away.  Her music is probably better than anything you listened to today.  Trust me, she sings what you like.  You like Dylan?  You like Nina Simone? You like Sting?  You like Stevie Wonder?  You like the blues?  You like folk music?  You like coffee shop ditties on guitar?  You like turn of the century Southern gospel???  Chances are you said yes to one or all of these questions.  Why aren’t you listening to Cold Specks?  Besides having one of the coolest stage names in show business today, Cold Specks owns the most unique voice you’ve ever heard.  It’s slightly raspy yet soft enough to draw you near your speakers.  Also, her voice is magical.  It’s infused with the sound of wisdom–a wisdom far beyond her age of 24.  Her voice seems to come from a guitar strapped centenarian storyteller bent on telling you one more tale.  When I look at her face and hear her sing I am easily perplexed.  When was the last time an artist did this for you? 

A Canadian who now hails from London and a nominee of the 2012 Polaris Music Prize, Cold Specks has upped the ante on the expectation for the human voice.  So, again, why aren’t you listening to Cold Specks?  Now that you know about her you have no excuse.  Watch her videos below, add her to your iPod, and buy her album, titled I Predict a Graceful Expulsion.  You will thank me later.

Cold Specks is on tour. Check her out at a venue near you.


2 thoughts on “Your Sunday iPod add: Cold Specks

  1. Travis,

    You either need to post these more frequently so I can buy more music or post them far less frequently so I can save money…I haven’t decided yet.

    In other news, I was on my way home from work yesterday, just out of the subway and walking up a Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn block and who did I see? Gregory Porter. And, wait for it, wait for it–I couldn’t remember his name!!!!!! I was mortified without benefit of actually having embarrassed myself. I was sooooooo mad cuz I wanted to interrupt the conversation he was having to tell him how awesome I think he is. Alas, another day perhaps. But, I’m still pissed.

    • Nekia,

      Don’t tempt me. I’ll make it my mission to make you go broke.

      Dang girl! I I’ve seen celebs and forgot their names too. I’ll bet you never forget his name again . . . Gregory Porter . . . Gregory Porter . . . Gregory Porter . . . Ha!

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