Michael and the Michael list

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

Michael would have turned 54 today.  Hard to believe he is not with us anymore.  At this moment, Michael’s legacy still lives on and will certainly do so for quite a long time.

His name alone evokes the epitome of entertainment, showmanship, and unmatched talent.  Mention the name Michael amid a crowd of people and there will be no mistake of whom you are speaking.  To date, he is the most famous Michael to have ever lived.  Neither the Archangel Michael nor basketball’s “greatest”  Michael Jordan, can trump his popularity.

However, there are other entertainers/singers who share the name with the “King of Pop” who are well known in their own circles.  Although constantly in the shadow of the “Great One,” these other Michaels have successfully created a name for themselves.  Collectively, these other Michaels share the same name and my fandom and admiration.  Here is a list, which includes my favorite Michael album and 5 must have albums of singers who share the same name; Michael.

Yep, I like this one way more than “Thriller”

Michael Bublé. He is a Sinatra and Crosby reboot who is multiplatinum on mutiple chrats in multiple countries.

Michael Franti. The quintessential poet musician singer.

Michael Bolton. Over the top blue-eyed soul at its best. You gotta have it.

Michael McDonald. He sings some Teddy P on this one.

Michael Franks. Who else sounds like him? No one!!!

So, who’s your favorite Michael?


2 thoughts on “Michael and the Michael list

  1. MJ is the tops in my book. However, I do listen to Mr McDonald and Michael Buble is becoming a favorite of mine as well. In the mean time I will check out a few of the other Michaels you mentioned.

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